Hi, I'm

Tamas Dovenyi aka
Dövényi-Nagy Tamás

— in good old Hungarian. :D

Working as a researcher, I do all kinds of modelling and software development in the field of ecology, meteorology, etc. But that's probably not why you're here.

My latest hobbies are guitars, archery, karate, woodworking, speedcubing, custom keyboard design and logical layout optimization (i.e. shuffling the letters).

I documented my keyboard projects on golem.hu and write about this topic on kbd.news as well as in my weekly newsletters sent to 3,000 people (subscribe now).



To construct my top secret email address, take my username (which is "dovenyi"), then add '@', and finally the domain of Google's email service. That's it.

Or you can find me as dovenyi on Reddit and pretty much in all the relevant communities.

Data sheet

Name:Tamas Dovenyi
Occupation:researcher (ecology, meteorology, modelling), software developer
Hobbies:keyboard design, vintage keyboards, logical layout optimization, ergonomics
  • kbd.news — a blog and weekly newsletter on custom/DIY keyboards
  • golem.hu — my guides on custom keyboard design and manufacturing, as well as alternative and custom logical layouts
  • golem.hu/boards — split keyboard database, a collection of 450+ ergonomic keyboards
  • kbd.news/vendors — keyboard vendor database with 400+ shops and many discount codes offered specifically for my readers

Vintage collection

Some keywords from my vintage keyboard collection to help people find me:

IBM, DEC, Kaypro, Honeywell, Compaq, Epson, Reuters, Siemens, Tatung, Videoton, Orion, Datacoop, Gepárd-8

Name break-down

In Hungary, just like e.g. in Japan and many East Asian countries, we start with the family name. That's the Dövényi-Nagy part.

And Tamás, my given name, is simply the Hungarian version of Thomas.

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